Therapy and Marriage Counseling in Palo Alto

Therapy, marriage counseling and consultation for adults, teens, parents
and entire families provided in a convenient downtown Palo Alto location
since 2004.
I listen carefully and try to help others clarify their difficulties and assist
them at developing new perspectives and additional strategies so that
they may more effectively manage their challenges and improve their life
satisfaction.  Employing patience and a sense of humor are also
important elements of my approach.
Peter J. Young, Psy.D.               550 Hamilton Avenue, Suite 228
Clinical Psychologist                        Palo Alto, California  94301
License PSY 19563                                                 (650) 248-9958
Why Do People Seek the Help of  a Psychologist?

People seek consultation with a psychologist or therapist for many
reasons.  Sometimes they are in deep pain or distress, perhaps having
suffered a traumatic event or a loss.  Children and teens may seem
persistently defiant or depressed.  Adults may have difficulties parenting
or in their relationship with their partner.  Some describe experiences that
are more vague and begin working with a therapist following a long period
of living life without developing a strong sense of purpose and/or with little
satisfaction.  In other instances, individuals are compelled by others to
“talk to someone” or else face some undesirable consequence.  This is
only a small list of the types of situations in which a psychologist can be of

I welcome you to browse my website for additional information about
adolescent or teen therapy, marriage counseling and therapy in general.  
Check the top of my pages for my phone number should you choose to
call for an initial consultation.

Evening appointments are sometimes available.